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Over the last two years one of the most popular and best anti armored vehicle attachments to hit the modern day battlefield is the Hard Armor Vest. Used primarily for training and tactical exercises in fields like Theater, Law Enforcement, and Security, the main goal of a hard armor vest or plate carrier is to provide the user with maximum protection against high velocity impacts, blunt force trauma, and blast fragmentation from explosions. In reality, vest protected users of modern body armor are not limited to these types of scenarios. Over the past twenty years there has been a significant growth in the range of body armor items used by our military and law enforcement personnel.

One of the most favored items by our troops is the Hard Armor Vest or plate carrier. As an accessory to both the light, personal protection equipment (commonly known as LPR) worn by our police force and our military, the vest has seen a wide range of development and technological advancements. For starters, the original plate carriers were made primarily out of a material known as Quonian Plate, which was similar to ancient Greek armor. The Quonian material was rather resistant to abrasion, however, and its strength and durability did not translate directly into durability in combat. Due to the many design constraints that lead to the limited mobility of our forces, it became necessary to develop other solutions and this led to the development of Quonian-made Soft Armors.

Modern day Hard Armors offer both increased strength and added protection from slashing injury by utilizing cutting edge material technologies like molecular weight polyethylene (H WP), which is highly effective against cutting injury and is capable of withstanding a tremendous amount of force. Other technologies that have been recently developed and used by our military and law enforcement personnel include cold forged spring and chain link back plate, which are very strong but incredibly lightweight; and high quality fiberglass reinforced nylon (H SERP), which has become the go-to choice for many operators due to its unmatched durability and low cost. Both types of Hard Armor provide superior protection to our troops while still providing flexibility to them for carrying out their daily duties and missions. This has allowed for the rapid development of different varieties of Hard Armors and increases the lethality of our armed forces in both conventional and unconventional operations today.