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A tactop plate carrier (sometimes also referred to as a hard armor backpack unit or plate carrier) is an extremely well made type of vests designed for fast and effective deployment by military and police personnel. They are most often used in situations where a vest wearer must quickly deploy without being able to “chop” his or her way through the thick vegetation surrounding that person’s immediate location. They feature a hook & loop strap system that enables the user to pull the vest over one’s body, thus instantly creating a tight fitting vest. They are designed for easy attachment to most backpack carriers such as the MRE (meal replacement), the Galley, the Fetal, the Duffel, and the Overthetail. They are available in many configurations and provide exceptional protection from both outside threats and interior attacks.

The reason that they have become so popular among both law enforcement personnel and the military is due to the fact that they feature a hard material that is much tougher and stronger than soft vinyl or cloth vests. This material also makes them extremely difficult to tear or rip apart in any situation where a backpack thief may attempt to grab it from you. Another benefit to this type of hard armor plate carriers, in addition to their toughness and their ability to resist tearing and ripping, is that they also feature pockets inside of them that contain cell phone batteries, extra ammo, and other personal items that are needed by the wearer. They also can be equipped with additional channels via buckles that allow these items to be carried over the shoulder in a compact manner that is very convenient.

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As you can see from the information contained here, a tactop plate carrier is a great item to carry if you want to be prepared at all times for whatever may come your way. This type of protective gear is excellent for those people who may travel extensively or are law enforcement personnel, because they are an excellent way to carry a backpack without having to wear a backpack. This style of backpack is known for being very heavy, and using a hard armor backpack will help you to feel much safer while carrying it and will also help to protect your gear.